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  • CAGEE  v.1.0Computer Adventure Game Editor and Environment, multi-platform engine and development system for cinematic, image, and panoramic interfaces, to be extended to 3-D geometric, oblique/orthographic, plan, elevation, etc.
  • EnlightenedGameMaster  v.1.0Multi-platform, multi-system table-top role-playing game editor, manager, and tools for use in stand alone, networked, or mixed gaming sessions.
  • So you want to be a Furvert  v.1.0A free Game I'm working on useing AGS (an open source adventure game editor) This is a one man show at the moment, so it'll probably be very slow in coming.
  • Fearkiller  v.1.0Fearkiller is a shooter in the best traditions of Crimsonland and AlienShooter based on CrystalSpace3D engine. Using open data storage formats provides greate extensibility of the game. The game editor provides very comfortable game data manipulations.
  • FPG Engine  v.1.0FPG Engine is a Flash Plateform game editor and player to create web or local Flash games ...
  • Mengine  v.1.0Mengine is an engine for creating and running graphical point and click adventure games. The Engine includes game editor and GUI editor.
  • Fun Poker Maker Online  v.1.0The project is a poker game but the differents with an other poker is the fact that is also an poker game editor. And also, this game will be online.
  • Cells And Lizards  v.1.0Cells And Lizards is a single/multiplayer adventure game in the style of Nintendo's Zelda game series, Soleil and Landstalker from Sega. It consists of a client with built-in game editor and a server component.
  • MonkeyWorld3D  v.1.0MonkeyWorld3D is a scene graph editor for the jMonkeyEngine (jME). You can edit scene elements, terrain, physics and animations. Our aim is to make a WYSIWYP (What you see is what you play) game editor.
  • Black Chocobo  v.1.7Black Chocobo is a Free Software(gplv3) FF7 save game editor written in Qt.
  • Quick Memory Editor  v.5.2Quick Memory Editor is a powerful game cheating tool that can modify game data in memory easily.
  • Unity for Mac  v.3.4.2Unity 3 is a game development tool that has been designed to let you focus on creating amazing games. Simple With Unity 3, we've put tremendous effort on world building tools - so you can assemble and tweak your levels at the speed of thought.
  • AnumJong  v.1.13MahJongg solitaire with numbered or Chinese tile sets. Board editor included - build your own game. Along with the classic board, there are many different game boards to challenge you.
  • Go Pax Galaxia  v.2.04RISK takes to the stars , but this time the armies move by themselves guided by your past orders. A truly unique and fascinating game of stellar conquest.
  • Asoftech Speeder  v.2.22Ever thought of controlling the speed of game so that you can have more reaction time, or more powerful gun fire, or run faster in the game? Asoftech Speeder is such a tool to adjust the speed of Windows games and applications.
  • Incredi Basketball  v.1.0For those who would like to download a basketball game IncrediBasketball delivers intense basketball action for up to 4 players.
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